Cubase's Chord Track and Scaler 2.1 good results

I thought I’d see how Cubase’s Chord Track and Scaler might work together. Good results.


  1. Cubase Project:
    One VST Instrument Track (Scaler as MIDI Input),
    A Cubase Chord Track
    Scaler Instrument Track.

  2. Create or load basic Chord progression in Scaler

  3. Record Chords from Scaler to Instrument Track (chords not trigger notes).

  4. In Cubase, Select Recorded Track and use “Create Chord Symbols.”

  5. Check Chords placed on Chord Track against Chords in Scaler.

Good results. The Chords Cubase places in the Chord Track are very close if not identical to the chords from Scaler. This opens up a lot of possibilities for integrating Scaler with Cubase’s already powerful Chord Track. The two work well together. I’d say they “harmonize” nicely, but I think someone might put a hit out on me if I said that. :wink:

I’ll look at this further, but I was pleased to see how well it worked.