Custom Guitar Tunings


Great software - it is really helping to improve my understanding of Music Theory… -

The guitar is my primary instrument - & I am glad that a guitar option was added to the software… -

I often use unconventional tunings - & though there is already a comprehensive selection of tunings included, the tuning that I use most often is not included in that list. So, with that in mind, one useful improvement would be to have the option of creating custom tunings.

Brilliant work so far!


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Welcome @flipd.d.mon
We are looking at some major developments in the Scaler 2 / Guitar space and appreciate the feedback.

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Good stuff… - I look forward to ongoing development.

  • & thanks for getting back to me. Appreciated.

a feedback for guitar… mmm
yes, I use AAS Strum GS-2 for guitars (solos and rhytmical)

I tried Scaler 2 and I was able to produce a complex guitar riff, as you may remember, but is a cumbersome process

on the other hand, Strum GS-2 is very easy to use because you can play chords with 1-finger only and the plugin plays riffs and phrases in the various genres (rock, pop, blues, etc); the problem is that you cannot modify, create, edit or adding riffs and phrases
you can only buy style extensions when they appear, that is not so much often

so a way to have Scaler playing “phrases” similar to those of Strum GS-2, is something I would like a lot