Custom scales based on frequencies

Thanks so much for the information regarding custom scales.

I have been researching a bit and testing out Entonal, and other scale dividers.

My findings show that most Daws and computer software are not fully ready or not compatible with total harmony, as they are based on predetermined tones. There is an evil overlord that is limiting human’s music potential, as this is not a coincidence. They have managed to convince everybody that musical scales are mathematically even, while this is not the truth. This is normal for power pyramid schemes, feed the masses ignorance and control the right answer.

The cure lies in setting up daws and music software to work in hertz rather than predetermined ratios. Total exact harmonies lie outside predetermined ratios. There are also miscalculations made when figuring out divisions of a scale. For example, some use the golden ratio but they do not understand how this ratio applies to 3 dimensional space to living things and their scales are handicapped. Also as far as scale dividers, they come prelocked to work in ratios or cents that result in uneven hertz divisions.

Any program that does not divide evenly in hertz is just another problem.

I wanted to share this information to help those individuals that want to create beautiful harmonies but are handicapped by the software and musical instruments that are available.

I have to say that as a music creator it is really inspiring to know that there is a brighter more harmonious future.

I also believe that a program such as Scaler will be fundamental in the next generation of scales, which have not been invented yet.

Fascinating though the notion of some (Alien?) superbeing overseeing some global conspiracy to constrain music listeners world-wide to Niki MInaj etc al, I suspect the absence of DAW facilities of the type you describe is much simpler and more mundane - money.
If commercial music product authors were of the opinion that offering the sort of functionality you wish would not result in a profit, then no such functions.

However, if you think there is a market (and nobody is going to write it unless there is) why not draw up a proposal and then pitch it at vendors ? Their market research departments will presumably have a notion of how big such a market would be, and share that with you.

I fear the answer is that (as with many things) there are no bucks to be made.

The other alternative is to mug up on your C# and get coding …

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it’s the lizard people. they only allow micro-tonal music for themselves whilst enslaving mankind… that said, the Z3TA+ synth has 4000+ scales many of which are considered “micro-tonal”. of course to get there, you have to not use integer number frequencies for “micro-tonal” (seems obvious) but sometimes frequencies scaled down to 5-6 decimal places…

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Interesting stuff AddictedtoDisco! I too have been rather dismayed to find that most software plugins, daws and synths bind us to the commonly used notes and scales that have been leveraged to suppress humanity’s divinity for FAR too long.

Thanks for mentioning Entonal, I will look into this one. Have you discovered any other software gems in your quest to re-ignite REAL healing and uplifting harmonies?

Any other sources of info would be appreciated too, books, websites, videos etc. I’m very interested to learn more about how the golden ratio applies to 3 dimensional space and to living things! I have been experimenting with the solfeggio frequencies (I am aware that these may be also somehow compromised or intentionally misleading as I’ve heard conflicting stories regarding certain frequencies) and have been calculating other frequencies from the solfeggio freqs using pi and phi to see what comes up. It really would be nice to find some software where I can plug in these specific hertz frequencies into a scale to drive ANY instrument in my daw.

I look forward to hearing from you,