Customization of Scale

I have 2 questions:

1 - Can anybody suggest if we can provide the custom scale for Scaler to work and provide us the combination on chords, melody etc?
2 - How to compose for pentatonic scale and I want to have chords/melody which uses notes in the pentatonic scale only. How do I achieve it?

I am intending to explore it for Indian Music. That is the context. In Indian Music, we usually fix the scale notes (can be any 7 notes if its septatonic, 5 if pentatonic etc.) and then sing the song. So want to see how to use it from that perspective.

Hi, welcome to the form,

I don’t understand your first question and I’m not sure about the second. There’s no "custome scale per se as such, but Scaler provides so many Scales and Chord Sets that I’m hard pressed to even think any it does not offer right out of the box. Something exotic, like the “Messiaen modes of limited transposition” might be added at some point, who knows?

It’s all in there. Just work with the program and you’ll find pentatonic scales, and chord sets.

Scaler is both relatively simple and very powerful. I stops me from doing things because I get lost exploring the different sounds.

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