Daw piano roll not in key while using scaler Keys - Lock tool


Hey guys,

FL Studio user here but i’m sure this goes for most piano rolls, I use helpers on the piano roll because I don’t know music theory well enough yet so I put it in the same key as Scaler but when I use the “Keys - Lock” tool (white notes only) freestyling notes, understandably it does not enter in the piano roll in key since Im using keys lock. Now when I map out say the 808 it does not follow in key on my piano roll.

Any way I can make the piano roll helper know that scaler is mapping out different notes?

Sorry for the lengthy post I tried to make it as simple as possible. Thanks in advance!


So I checked out the tutorial you gave to another post concerning this problem but the Mac instructions seem very complicated as in not knowing how to locate/install the AIC drive ect.

Any updates on this?


I thought I had read this already somewhere?

If you lock Scaler’s chords to a key, then how is the 808 supposed to know that?

I don’t know the answer… maybe you shouldn’t lock the keys to the chords and just use the chords like you would live input? Scaler is pretty quick on chord recognition unless you are playing in arpeggios.