DAW sync the whole song?

Hi there. New here :wave:
Getting to know Scaler. Seems great so far :slight_smile:

One thing I’m really missing - and I can’t figure out if it’s a limitation of the plugin or not - is to sync a whole song with the DAW, so that I can play from the DAW at any point in my track and it will be synced in scaler.

Let’s say my song has

VERSE 8 bar
CHORUS 4 bar
VERSE 4 bar

If I hit play from bar 7, I would want Scaler to play the last bar of the VERSE pattern and then switch to the CHORUS pattern and start playing that.

This would make it possible to arrange a whole song in Scaler, otherwise I can only work on individual sections by selecting them in the DAW, and selecting the corresponding pattern in Scaler. Also, the sync feature seems to require me to always start playing that section from the beginning. This workflow seems useless for me, and I can only use Scaler to figure out a progression and then drag the midi into the DAW. Seems a huge waste of potential :slight_smile:

Is there already a way to achieve this “full” sync?

Scaler does not support song position pointer at the moment. Maybe in a new full update. There are work arounds such as patterns for Verse - Chorus - Verse and activate only the section you are working on until you want to play from beginning. then select all. It works if you are clever.
I am able to do multiple sections of a movie using this methods and it works well if you get smart using rest at various timings.
Put in a feature request for Song Position Pointer if you’d like.

For anyone looking for it, I achieved this using the PAD function and the midi hot-swap (green keys).
Just make sure you have a midi note to select the pattern that lasts the whole section and the midi “chase” in Logic, or corresponding feature in your daw to make sure it always plays from the correct pattern.
I hope it was clear enough. I can explain better if anyone is interested :slight_smile:


This is a clever work around. I’ve used similar tricks and it shows that many things are possible in Scaler out of the box.

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Midi chase that’s genius good spot. I guess the trigger key needs to be the length of the passage for midi chase to latch it.

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precisely :slight_smile:

  • I have one single midi track only dedicated to the chords.
  • Then I route the chords output to various instruments via IAC.
  • And on the individual instruments I have additional instances of Scaler that only do the “Performance” bit - and I’m using automation for different sections.

In this way I can change a chord once and have it affect all the instruments.
There might be a bit less control over different voicings for different instruments, but wIth this and the chase I can lay the foundation for an entire song really quickly :slight_smile: