DAW sync warning

I am feeling stupid here but I am gonna post this suggestion anyways.
I just finished reinstalling my plugin fresh because its behavior changed all of a sudden after I was fiddling with syncing multiple scaler tracks. When trying to play the chord progression (section C) it stated “Host was stopped.” when trying to press play button.
I thought it had something to do with the syncing, or not able to find scaler instances that were closed or anything… well two days fiddling later, I am ashamed to tell you that I turned on DAW sync on accident…
I think it would be a good suggestion for stupid noobs like me to indicate “DAW sync activated” or something in stead of “Host was stopped” when trying to press play when sync is on… Hope this helps…

Cheers! Joep (The Netherlands)

Hello and welcome, Subotix
There are many ways to configure Scaler.
In the gear wheel in the upper right, go to Settings.
In Playback I have DAW synchronization configured by default.
But, during my use I can change it directly by right clicking on the playback inside Scaler. I hope you find it useful