Daws not listed and bars per measure

I’m wondering if scaler can work in Cakewalk by Bandlab or Albeton lite. I have reaper as well but might prefer the first 2.
Second quick question is about how many chords per bar can you put in.
Is there a feature to choose
Newbi here going to get Scaler , just a few thoughts on my mind

Hi, and welcome @wyndham . Scaler works fine in Bandlab and Ableton 11 (I have no reason to think it won’t work in Lite). The key thing is whether the host supports VST2 (latest version) and VST3 (preferably), raher than the DAW per se. So scaler will run in non-DAW hosts like Cantabile of Nanohost (vst2).

There are some subtleties in constructing progressions, but unless you are seriously into Coltrane Changes

you shouldn’t have any problems

Thanks, I’m just an O.F. playing around with music toys :slight_smile: thanks for the info

You and me both then … a while back I claimed title of ‘Oldest O.F’ and so far haven’t been challenged. When I was 16, Elvis was #1 in the charts in the UK with “It’s now or never” . Hard to believe for me.
However, it proves that music can inspire you for the whole of your life…

yep, it’s yours. I started this road in 1946 :slight_smile: