Default Velocity


I setup the Default velocity to 57 but for whatever reason the second chord of a pattern I’m working on goes back to 89 and plays much louder. But just the second chord! this is what puzzles me lol
I edited to velocity many times but it goes back to 89.
The other chords are playing at 57.

Any idea why?


Hi Coroneddu

Welcome to the forum. Can you specify the following information, please:

Scaler version ?

It may help if you can export the Scaler state and upload it here.

Hey Ed!

Thanks for the welcome!

OS: Monterey latest
DAW: Logic Pro latest
Scaler: latest

as for the Export I already scrapped that session. Or you mean a general Scaler export no matter the session?

Thank You!

I meant export the session with which you had an issue. Then, someone could possibly examine it to see if they could identify why it was happening.

I actually can’t really help you here as I use Win 10, not Mac, but I know there have been issues with Logic and there are lots of Mac Logic users here. Hopefully someone may be able to help if this issue occurs again.

It may be worth searching for Moterey and Logic for posts on these issues.

Thanks for the hint Ed. Will do :slight_smile: