Default Windows Audio Device driver can cause MIDI note hanging in Performance Mode (but there are some easy fixes)

1st off, I want to apologize for an inaccurate post regarding MIDI notes hanging in the 2.3 release. After testing on 2 different machines with 2 different MIDI control devices using 2 different DAWs, I continued to get MIDI notes hanging in performance mode and I INACCURATELY reported as much in this forum. However, when moving to a 3rd system in my studio, Performance Mode worked perfectly and I got no hanging. It was music to my ears. I removed the post and it should be gone in 24 hours. Again, my apologies for the bad info.

That being said, I was able to finally isolate the cause of hanging MIDI notes in performance mode even after updating to 2.3 (on Windows machines.) : The culprit: Windows Audio Device driver latency

My Fixes (there may be others)

In Studio One, I can use the Windows Default Audio device but I need to set the Studio One Dropout Protection to at least Medium (your results might vary)
You do this from within Studio One Options/Audio Setup/Processing/Dropout Protection

If you are not a Studio One user or you can’t find anything related to latency or dropout in your DAW, you might try some other low latency ASIO drivers like ASIO4All (

FWIW my system components:

  • Windows 10 Pro
  • 5+ year old Dell desktops and laptops
  • Studio One 5 Pro, Rolland ZenBeats
  • NI Komplete M32
  • Arturia Keylab 61 MKII
  • PreSonus Atom
  • PreSonus USB Audio Interface

I’m sure there are more knowledgeable people with other fixes/workaround, but I hope this can help.


Thanks @TMacD

Great post, this will definitely help a lot of people with StudioOne. :pray:

Thanks Edouard.
One clarification…based on my limited testing, this was not unique to Studio One. I could reproduce it in both S1 and Rolland Zen Beats (the only two VST hosts I have). It seems directly related to the Windows Audio Device driver.
I’m going to load a couple other hosts and will update this post if I learn anything new.
Thanks for a great tool.

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I’ve noticed this…

When selecting audio drivers, Reaper has a blatant warning against using the Window’s Audio Driver.

It’s no surprise to me, as warnings are not usually unwarranted.

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Every guide I read so far about DAW’s audio issues recommends avoiding Windows Audio Device driver like the plague :smiley:, and using ASIO4ALL instead, if your audio device has no ASIO embedded, that is the best options



Real thanks, Asio driver solved this problem :+1: :+1: