Demo? Does MIDI drag to DAW track purposely alter the MIDI notes?

I am trying the Scaler 2 demo on Windows with REAPER 6.67 as the Host.

I set up a 8 bar chord progression and then attempted to drag it into REAPER. The resulting MIDI Item seems to have chords that have been greatly simplified. For example; the root note is repeated at octave intervals rather than the intervals specific to the chords I auditioned in the Scaler plugin window.

I am writing to ask if this is simply an intended limitation of the Demo package?

I’d like to understand this issue before I consider the purchase of a license…

Thank you!

The chords should come over exactly as displayed. I don’t remember this happening at all when I first demoed Scaler. But I have been a user since version one so I don’t know if it changed. If so, it’s new to me. What section are you dragging from? Section C?

Yes I have 8 chords inserted in section C. I play them in the Scaler interface and they sound correct. The keyboard display at the top of the plug-in shows the intervals correctly.

I was using a Mixolydian Augmented scale that has lots of harmonic color so it’s easy to recognize the intervals.

When I drag from the C section into REAPER the resulting clip has each chord altered to a stack of two octave harmonics on top of the root note and some arpeggiated notes (which may or may not be what I was listening to in Scaler.). The colorful intervals that define the scale are gone.

I made sure that the binding was turned off on A-B-C.

Thank you!

No reason for that that I know of. Are you using internal Scaler sounds or external VSTi?
Can you save and post the Scaler state?

I don’t know what I just did but now it seems to be working. I did reboot the system and also took a tour of the settings but don’t know if changing any of the settings fixed the issue.
edit to add: I did change the Settings > Playback > Bind MIDI > Active Binding Keys to “True Scale”

I quickly assumed it was a demo limit to keep people from abusing the demo etc. and I am happy to put the issue to rest.

Thanks for your efforts. I’m looking forward to learning all the details.

Thank you!