Detect audio does not work (for me)

Drag and drop accepts a wav file but nothing happens after I accept the warning message.
Detect audio doesn’t even recognize the audio, it continues “looking for input”.

You released an upgrade without sufficient testing.
WE ARE NOT YOUR QA. Cheaters! Con-artists. Thieves.

Fix it fast or I put up a YT video exposing you frauds.

Thanks for your feedback @lynnjwalker

we are going to make it better. This is the plan, it has always been.
It is really useful in its current form for some of us, this is why we included it in the release.

You can have a look at Davide’s latest video where he shows how he uses it in different contexts:

Those things take time, we will get better, we’re happy to answer anything but please remember to ask nicely :wink:

Thanks for your support,


Wow…I get being disappointed and frustrated that a feature isn’t working the way you want it to or how it’s been advertised… But, as a software developer you should know, no software launch is perfect and that with a little patience you’ll see bug fixes. Plus things are a little difficult in the world right now… it’s probably harder to meet deadlines, etc… and as you likely know the developers likely aren’t the ones able to push back the deadlines. It seems like it was the feature you were looking forward to the most, but I’m really baffled by your reaction, having been in software twenty years myself… Are you under a deadline to get some music transcribed?

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As a customer, I am impressed by how fast this company is responding too and fixing issues with their software.


Thank you for backing down as personal insults will not be tolerated and that’s just not cool.

Firstly do you have 2.0.4 installed as there was an issue with sample rate conflicts that was greatly affecting some users audio detection.

Secondly IMO there is an audio detection king called Melodyne. They are at 70% we are at 60%. Whilst I don’t think we are anywhere near as strong as we should or can be it is a priority to improve and actually for myself and several other top producers here, they have found the results to be useful and accurate enough in their work.

Appreciate your comments, feedback and criticism is great but no abuse please.

PS _ I have edited your title.

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I’m sure glad I didn’t see his remaining responses. For a $50 plugin his rage is overkill.

Anyways I have 2.0.5 installed and converted an mp3 using iTunes to wav. Once I drag the audio onto scaler it shows the message about current detection and I click yes. But just as the OP said it doesn’t show anything after that. Any suggestions?

P.s. using ableton live 10

Can you try an existing wav you have rather than something you’ve converted? Should work fine. Have you seen this video, this is normal behaviour?

I routed scaler from an audio track and recorded it. Then I dragged the same file onto it and it changed. So I guess that’s a workaround. Not sure why it wouldn’t do it straight from the drag.