Detect chords, select them all and then add them to a new "user song"?

I think there should be a way of doing this, let me know if this is possible.

Detect midi chords produces a list of chords.
I want to be able to click-drag and select them all and then right-click “Add to new user song” all the chords selected.

Is this already possible?

You can lasso the eight you can see and right click to add to current Pattern, Add to New Pattern or Specific Pattern. I selected 13 chords and it added them to 2 new Patterns - 8 in one and 5 in the next.
I imagine if you had empty Patterns it would fill up what you have with the amount of chords till it ran out of space.

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From the patterns, can you then save it as a “user song” ?

I don’t know if Scaler actually uses that term but that is essentially what it is. Hit the SAVE button under the MIDI Capture button. Then it’s saved under the user MENU just below the keyboard on the right.
It saves things 2 ways - Each pattern is listed and you can load just one OR as the whole Session (Song). That’s the one you want to load usually.

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Great, thanks I got it.
I had 19 chords in my detection which I transfered to a pattern; actually it made three patterns. I then Saved it as a user chord set. It created a Sub menu under User, with the three separate patterns and my user session. A bit messy but it did the job.

That’s the way it works. I thinks it’s so you can pull patterns from other sessions if you want. In any event glad it worked out.

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