Detect mode using individual strum notes to form chord

ok this would be a good feature what about a step record mode where a timing of 1-3 seconds is applied to capture an entire chord but when played in a strum fashion. then that chord and its played strum is recorded to that step. It could get real creative at that point. Imagine the left hand playing bass notes followed by intervals of the right hand chords and back to the left all within 1 seconds. Entire chorded song progressions could then be saved rearranged etc.

Then it would be cool if each of these created chords could be sent to a user save pool to be grabbed whenever and used for future chord progressions. Oh and imagine if it also captured velocity too.

Or maybe an easier way is to capture the chord as long as a key is still held down uninterrupted but as soon as all the keys are left off scaler waits for a new chord capture.

Not sure how the chord would be identified though if broken up this way but Im sure youll figure it out.

Well, there’s some good ideas here. I think it could be complicated to implement as described but what if in detect mode you can select successive individual notes and group them together to form chords?

Scaler could even highlight where there is a chord to be re-built from successive notes and it would solve your last point as you would know there is no reason to group them.

Let me know your thoughts


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