Detect parallel fifths and octaves


It would be very useful with four part harmony if scaler could detect the parallel fifths and parallel octaves. Thank you very much. Cheers.

Not sure what you are asking for. Scaler already detects these intervals. Do you mean if you detect a series of chords Scaler would indicate in some way that from chord to chord it is following parallel fifth harmony? Example you put in this series EB>GD>EB>DA Scaler would what? Say "This is parallel fifth harmony."

Yes, correct, Scaler would highlight the adjacent chords which have parallel fifths or octaves (maybe by replacing the blue ribbon of the chord with another color like red for fifths and yellow for octaves). Then by hovering over the chord, the notes which are triggering the parallel fifths/octaves would be highlighted by the same color in the piano area. And in a perfect world, scaler would propose an alternative, lol, but that’s not mandatory, it is more our job to correct it.

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I can see the use for that, interesting bit of feedback thank you. More colours in scaler 2 is a no no for me. Definitely something for us to consider in the future.

Thank you Davide, that would certainly add a very useful feature to Scaler. Right now, I’m using this web tool (“How is my voice leading ?”). Great tool but cumbersome to use because:

1/ You have to generate a midi file. 2/ Load it in Musescore. 3/ Save it as a MusicXML file (not this option in Studio one). 4/ Edit the file with Notepad++. 5/ Copy the content and paste it in the link. That kills the workflow.