"Detect scale" gives terrible top suggestions

The top suggestions are really off, choosing scales which lack the most frequently repeated and strongest notes, while choosing weak and rarely repeated notes as the tonal center. I’m feeding it midi in Bitwig 2 and the note detection (notes played on Scaler’s keyboard during detection) seems fine.

Hi @Neant,

the issue you are describing is intriguing as Scaler’s detection is mainly based on the repeating notes and their position in the part you analyze.

Would you mind providing an example of the MIDI you are trying to detect?
I can try to give you some insights on why the scales have been detected as matching. Or maybe start having a look if we have missed something more subtle.

The result of the scale detection is always up to discussion, especially when analyzing in isolation (without context or knowledge of other possible parts/track in the song).
We are well aware of those limitations, this is why Scaler gives you the ability to select a different scale in the list, as you may have more context to help you find the scale.

Sure, though this forum isn’t letting me upload .mid files.

The midi is slightly odd because it was converted from a jazz-influenced vocal recording (monophonic) using Melodyne.

In this case, it is possible the conversion from audio to MIDI is impacting the quality of the result. We can still have a look at the MIDI as it might help improve the quality of the detection.

If you want to try uploading again, I have enabled the upload of .mid files


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