Detected Scales - Selection Resets


I’m using Scaler 1.2 as a MIDI FX in the latest version of Logic Pro X. If I’m experimenting with different scales using the “Detected Scales” feature and I’m in the middle of the Detected Scales section and choose C Harmonic Major, this scale selection disappears/the scales re-set to the top of the page when I close the Scaler window and re-open it on the same instrument track. Is there any work around such that when I select a scale and close the scaler window and re-open it, that same detected scale is selected?

Thank you!

Hi have you downloaded the latest version from Plugin Boutique? This is not the behaviour in 1.2.1 that I am getting in Logic Pro X

Yes, I’m on 1.2.1

Try this:

  1. With Scaler as a MIDI FX, use the Detect Scale feature to come up with a list of potential scales based on the notes you have playing
  2. Choose a detected scale other than the 1st one (e.g., the fourth option)
  3. Close out Scaler
  4. Click on a different instrument track in Logic
  5. Go back to the track with Scaler and open it back up
  6. When I do this, the detected scale automatically goes back to the first option rather than the one I had up when I closed out Scaler (e.g., the fourth option).

HI sfg,
This was always the intended behaviour as Scaler is always ‘live’ and re-analysing every time it is opened. After internal discussion we do agree that the state should always remain the same when you close and re-open so we have adjusted this to perform as you expected in 1.5. Be sure to join the beta! Scaler 1.5 - Announcement