Diff. results scaler2.6 / iOS in Cubase / Cubasis

when I load scaler2.6 in Cubase11 as an instrument (track) and record a chord progression / arpeggio etc. here, the notes that trigger these chords in scaler appear in the midi-event. If I do the same with Scaler iOS and Cubasis (as AU instrument, not insert) the arpeggios or chords are completely recorded on the track. So all single notes or the full chord.
Why does this not work with Cubasis as in Cubase - have I possibly not set something correctly? Sometimes I want this behavior, sometimes not.
thanks for your hints

Hi @Cyclocross I think we are talking abut how the two platforms route differently, if you want to capture the actual notes you are hearing in Scaler Plugin you will need to use Midi Capture otherwise you are recording Scaler’s trigger notes. Does that sound correct to you?

Yes, I forgot to mention that it is Windows platform and iOS. On Windows I can use Midi Capture or the trigger notes. On iOS / Cubasis it is always “Midi Capture” and trigger notes are not provided? Am I understanding this correctly?
Best thanks

Depending on iOS / Audio Mixer / DAW routing but mostly yes.