Different sound

When I transfer that midi to Logic, it sounds completely different … how is that possible … I think it should sound the same in my opinion? What is the problem? Annoying because the sound created by Scaler and everyone is perfectly audible.

I can’t see what track that is on but I’m assuming it’s on the Scaler track so you need to turn off Binding so it’s not triggering the pads again. This is a common rookie mistake.

I do not know what you mean?

I suppose Jaimeh means that Perform, Voice, Keyslocks and etc have already been applied to what he has led to the track of his DAW. Now disable all that so that it is not applied on the exported midi

You are trying to feed Scaler with the MIDI performance that you recorded. So Scaler is playing BOTH the original performance AND the recorded MIDI clip. Turn OFF Key Binding and Performance on the Scaler GUI and just let Scaler play the recorded MIDI and it should sound the same.

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thanks for help. The only thing that helped in the end was that Session → and from there Clear.

But do you understand what I’m saying? What you did worked because Scaler was no longer set to play a performance and key binding was off.

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i did about it but it didn’t work anyway until i did clear.

For fun, I tried to see if it recognized the chords. Does not recognize chords. Mainly but each midi note separately. It would be more important for me to recognize the chords.

Scaler can’t recognize chords if they are broken into individual notes like an arpeggio or performance. For Scaler to recognize chords the notes need to be stacked on each other. How would Scaler know what notes belong to which chord if they happen one after the other? Turn performance OFF and drag the chord into Scaler. It will recognize it. There are many discussions of this here in the forum. There are also some excellent video tutorials.

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