Digital Performer crashes a lot with Scaler 2

Hi guys,

Long user of Scaler, I purchased Scaler 2 about a year ago, and got a neverending stream of crashes.

Did a lot of testing to see if it actually was Scaler 2, and… well it is (Scaler 1 does not produce any crashes for info).

My versions:

  • DP 10,13,86175
  • Mac Pro 2013 - Mojave 10,14,6
  • Scaler 2,5,0 (crashes happened with any 2,4 anyway)

Crashes happen 85% of the time when I press spacebar. other times it’s when dragging midi from Scaler 2 to my midi in DP.

Thanks in advance.


thanks for reporting your issue, we will run some tests on our end. In the meantime, you can try this and check if it improves the situation:

Remember to check if there is any update of Digital Performer available as well.


Hello @Ed1 , thanks for the answer.

I can’t find OpenGL on the Scaler IU, does OpenGL works on Mac versions ?

Auto Detection is now disabled, I’ll work with Scaler 2 today to see if there are improvements.

DP is up to date.

Thanks again!