Disabling / muting specific keys / octaves via Scaler 2

I’d like to know if there’s a way to enable and disable specific keys / octaves on a midi controller via Scaler 2 so that if I use a monosynth, it only triggers Scaler 2’s arpeggiator when playing notes within a specific octave(s) - and to ensure that it doesn’t trigger any notes if I play outside that particular range of notes.

I’m asking this because when I play two external synths together at the same time from a single midi controller (a poly and a mono) with two instances of Scaler 2, I’d like to be able to play the poly throughout the entire keyboard range without triggering the monosynth all the time as that just sounds like a mess. I just want to limit the monosynth to just a few notes / an octave (i.e. just the notes that trigger the chords within the “visible keyboard” range)

Is there any way to do this within Scaler 2, I’ve tried everything but haven’t found it

This is a very useful tool for doing just that as well as many other things. It’s call MIDI Polysher and is available for free at Plugin Boutique.

You insert it between Scaler and your synth. You can set a range of notes, change octaves, etc. Most people use it with Scaler and it is free. There are some other choices as well. I don’t know what DAW you use but most have built in MIDI tools that will do the same or similar. There are some tutorials here on forum from people that use it.

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Thanks so much! I’ll give Midi Polysher a go - looks like it what I need :slight_smile: I’m using Ableton Live, don’t know if that can do the same thing but can always ask on the Ableton forums

Unfortunately I can’t get Ableton to detect the Midi Polysher VST on my M2 Mac - I’m wondering if it’s incompatible with Apple silicon macs. I guess there’s not much I can do if so

Edit: never mind, I’ve found out how to do it within Ableton Live directly, which is even better

Yes, there are several things in Live that works. Glad you got it sorted. MIDI Polysher is pretty old so not sure about the new Macs.
Have fun!