Disadvantages to octave change only *or* Voice grouping only as opposed to both available together

One feature that is holding me back big time on Scaler 2.4 is the awesome voice grouping features with all the variations that invite exploration and boost creativity are not available at all if I want to change Octave on my pattern.

This is holding me back big time.

Frankly the voicing in Scaler 2.4 is pretty poor without Voice Grouping on in some way. Yet to have any change of Octave in a pattern I am forced to stay in this uninspiring mode.

My request is that the "Octave change or Voice Grouping restriction be removed, so Octaves can be moved in patterns with voice grouping turned on.

It is very frustrating being stuck in one area of the keyboard with an awesome Voice Grouping which is begging to be explored elsewhere up and down the keyboard.

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What a conincidence, just today I mean to write a similar feature request about the very same thing! So I strongly second this request :slight_smile:

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Does he mean that the two options of digital and voice cannot be turned on at the same time?


I believe he’s talking about these options here…
Screen Shot 2021-08-22 at 9.26.54 PM


Yeah. I always open “dynamic” in “voice group” above.
Can keep the chord smooth.


Then, I haven’t opened the “voice” in zone B. I don’t know what it does? In addition, the “dynamic” in “voice group” at the top of scaler is opened. Then the “voice” option in zone B of zone B is only a few more chords, and the sound range is unchanged.

Yes I am talking about as you pictured it.
The “I believe he’s talking about these options here…” post.
Patterns do not respond to Octave change with any sort of Voice Grouping turned on.

Yes, just open the top dynamic.
All adjustments cannot be used.
I guess the design concept is like this. The top dynamic is suitable for fast performance. Or temporary use.
The following edit is for making music.

click on it and find out :wink:

The Voice Grouping refers to the octave, “Voicing” menu in zone B refers to chord variations, e.g. inversions.

I call this a ‘Dead End’ which is what future iterations of scaler will avoid. This is a natural occurrence of the way it is designed and it can be frustrating I agree. Funny you call traditional diatonics uninspiring and seem to blame scaler for it! I take it as a compliment.
There are may ways around it like having your third party instrument adjust the octave or using a MIDI FX in Logic to drop or increase octaves.