Display chords on playback?

Hi all, newbie here. I do mostly improvisation on keyboard, as I don’t read music. But I read guitar chords.

Basically what I’m looking for is a simple chord analyzer (for MIDI to start with, but audio would be nice too). It would sit in a track, or display on top of the screen, and display the chords I’m playing (or guess them) AND save those chords with the song, and then display them on playback, so that I can overdub immediately without having to guess.

► Is it possible to use Scaler as a plugin in my DAW (any DAW) in such a simplistic way?



You sort of just gave a thumbnail of what Scaler does.

Scaler will detect chords you play on Guitar or Keyboard. The detection can be MIDI and Audio. The chords Scaler finds will be very close to those you play. Scaler does have its own logic about all this, so sometimes chords detected are not an exact match to voicing (chord shape) you’ve played. I find that Scaler’s detection of Chord Type to be good to excellent to, omg, how did it do that. I’ve been impressed with the detection feature and I think improvements for it, for guitar stuff in particular, are on the horizon – but don’t wait.

There’s a bit of a learning curve, but if you’re good with basic chords, you should find it relatively easy to work with. Scaler is deep with an ocean of chords, scales, progressions, etc. Well worth the time to learn it. It’s become a central part of all my projects.

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That is fundamentally what scaler does!

Thank you. I made a design of what I’m looking for, maybe that will help?

Ideally, the app I’m looking for (maybe Scaler 2) is going to be integrated to my DAW, or stand as a sticky screen over the top.

So I improvise for a few minutes, there’s a good vibe on what I’m recording, but I didn’t write it beforehand. I don’t need to. But I’d like to add tracks to it, maybe some strings, percussion, etc.

So I need to see what chords I played. So I only need Scaler or any app to display the chords so I can play along. (I don’t mind correcting a few chords if the guessing is off).

(I hope the image can be seen, I couldn’t find how to upload one)


Is that possible?

Thanks for taking the time, that is certainly one way of doing it. :slight_smile: :grin: