Do I really need MMO?

Adding a MIDI track after any Scaler instance is so intuitive, WYSIWYG, and easy that I’m not still persuaded that the MMO (Multi Midi Out) feature is of any use to me, considering I don’t have any multitimbral plugin (and no idea to buy one)

The BBCSO for example is not multitimbral so I will be forced to drop multiple BBCSO instances, and if I drop them in couple with a MIDI track, another few clicks and the multi-channel routing is done

And I have the option to send different patterns to the various instruments, something that seems impossible to me using the MMO because it uses ONE Scaler instance only

Or I am missing something essential?

I don’t think that feature is useful for me either. Maybe more of a good feature for a large or classical music orchestra, but no use for yourself.

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Using MVO with a multitimbral instrument is ONE usage for this feature.
Unfortunately, other usage will be limited by your DAW and your imaginations.

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well, no way then


There are other uses where you direct each channel to a different instrument, but this doesn’t make it wholly necessary.

If you do decide you have a need for MMO then I would consider Unify as per @kpsiegel’s post. There is quite a good video demonstrating midi routing Instacomposer through Unify and several instruments in Abelton Session View.

I’ve just started looking at this with the demo version, but it stops working after 15 minutes and Ihave to reload it (grrr!). It does seem quite easy to use, but we shall see.

BTW if you do decide to buy it search for discount codes: I found one today giving $15 discount


This was done with 3 instances of Scaler in MVO mode.
1 Scaler with Phrase AFFETOSO at .5 speed
2nd Scaler with Phrase AVANT GARDE 1 at .5 speed
3rd Scaler with Chord Pads
All are split out in various MVO ways and controlling different instruments, none in Multi-Timbral Mode.

Sort of an Opening Titles sequence for an imaginary TV show called Broken Memories.

Broken Memories


yes, exactly what I found with their demo: too much limited and too much complex
however, my fingers are very accustomed by then to drop MIDI tracks “a palla”

very nice job indeed

nevertheless, after about one month fighting with all the tools I found that claimed to do the job, to find they didn’t work, and after having re-tried all the demos of the alternative DAWs that use MMO I give up

Maybe I’ll try that again later, but at the moment I prefer concentrating on the 2 workarounds I found

thanks to everybody for your insight anyway

Unify is really great. It is not hard to use and there are some fantastic tutorial videos out there. I found it indispensable now and the fact that it can solve Ableton’s lack of MMO support is just a benefit but not even the primary reason to own it. By far, one of the most useful tools I have acquired in years especially with the updates in 1.9.1 that just came out.

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well, I found another limit of Ableton Live 11 Standard yuk!
I cannot use all my BBCSO instruments because they are more than 16

Well, I still have the multi-take recording option, hoping it is be less boring than creating one gazillion of trios like those above

So my career will not be in the classical music composition, and Mendelssohn, Brahms, Chopin etc. will not be forced to turn in their graves
not mentioning my friend @jjfagot
:grin: :rofl:

Then, you know which DAW to use, although you don’t like it, but I adore it and @ed66 is not against it either :joy:
And many other users.

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hahaha, you will not catch me Reapers!

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Your ideal combination: Reaper with Kontakt. :rofl:

Seriously, I find Ableton strange with scenes & other stuff. Reaper is more “linear”.
But, we all use what we like, limitations or not. You already master Ableton, so just continue with it :slight_smile:


:cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face:

You might consider upgrading to Live Suite when it goes on sale, which it does from time to time. It would be money well spent in your journey.

This is just a misunderstanding of Live. Live is just as linear as any DAW. Ignore scenes if you don’t want to work that way. Arrange view is just like any other DAW. I used Reaper for a year or more but it never really felt right.
But really, just learn one well and you’ll be set.


… per MIDI port. If you are driving it from an external (to Live) source, you can use multiple ports. (see my post a few minutes ago)

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@jamieh is quie right

My only issue with Live is that it combines midi channels to channel 1 when routing midi between tracks. Its strength is that it you can jam using Sesssion view and record the jamming in the Arrange view in real time.

My issue with other DAWs is that they have no session view although some do have clip launchers which can mimic some of Live’s Session view workings. So no DAW is perfect. It all depends on how you want to work and what you are familiar with.

well, after having having demoed Bitwig again I decided to go to it :grin:
not only because it manages MMO easily
but also because it opens Ableton’s als projects, so I’ll don’t have to remade a lot of projects

if I remember well @jamieh suggested Bitwig to me, so thank you

BTW, I also found I have a multi-timbral plugin: Xpand!2


Wow this tool is amazing!!!
A lot of interesting stuff in the folk area is jumping out
:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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