Do keyboard shortcuts exist?

Hi, really enjoying Scaler so far. Just wondering if there any keyboard shortcuts or MIDI mappable buttons for things such as Bind to A,B or C, Detect, Send to next available slot etc.

I think they’d be really helpful when building progressions as I am currently switching between computer keyboard, Midi controller keyboard and mouse - but I only have two arms! If I was able to primarily stick to using two devices only I’d be much more efficient.


Hi @mrwinter

There is no keyboard shortcut at the moment in Scaler. You are right that it could be a nice addition.
It is always hard to find the ones that suit everybody especially in the different DAWs where everybody is used to their own set of shortcuts.

We will have a chat with the team internally to check what everybody think about this.

Thanks for the suggestion and supporting Scaler :wink:


Let´s come back to this. Is there any new information about it? I really miss shortcuts. Anybody else?

Broadly, I’m for having some shortcuts, but they do present an issue for the product architects. A shortcut is fine if it is a ‘shortcut’ i.e. quicker than using keyboard/ mouse and as long as you can actually remember them.
So the first issue is that it seems to me that there is a limit (which gets less as you get older) on what you can recall and hence the number of shortcuts you will use. The second issue is that shortcuts have often become contextually driven i.e.“ALT+SHIFT+F7+Home” means one thing in one part of the application and something else in another part.
So when you get scores of these things in Live or even more in say, MS Office, realistically you tend only to use that sub-set which (a) you can recall and (b) are quicker than a mouse in your particular workflow.
That almost certainly means that the various sets used by different users are disjoint (perhaps with some overlap and commonality) but it does leave the harried developer with (i) prioritisation amongst competing demands and (i) trying to do that in a way where the various user sub-sets have enough in each one to make them useful.

Maybe a poll could be set up here, the with the ability to name one’s own top 10 some overall favourites might be determined?


maybe you can use a Windows automation tool as a workaround
for example WinAutomation, that is currently owned by Microsoft and called Microsoft Power Automate
or AutoHotKey

I use the old Automotive’s WinAutomation to do anything but the coffee in my IT system

We have something coming up here for 2.4. Stay tuned.


Thanks, for the tip but I´m a Mac user.

Maybe there are similar tools for Mac as well…

I’m using Scaler 2 in REAPER for Windows 10 and REAPER spoils us with a plethora of customizable hot keys. It would be wonderful if Scaler 2 could offer hot keys for basic operations like Play and cycling through the Scaler panels (Main, Edit, Chords, etc.). Thanks for the great product! :slight_smile:

See my post above, planning something for 2.4 which will be with us late Q2 2021


Yes this would be great to assign any menu command/option to hot keys. and also display the shortcut command next to the menu item after it has been assigned.