Do Recorded note durations and pitches differ on Tracks with White Keys On?

I may be observing two different things here. I’m a bit confused and think I must be doing something wrong. Anyway, I’ll try to keep it simple.


  1. Record MIDI track in Scaler with White Keys On (Chord Tones) long tones play individual chords, white keys play basic melodic 16th note pattern. Result: Note lengths and pitches conform to Scale or Chord.

  2. Assign Scaler to Instrument and record same part. Result: Note lengths are extended to same length as long tones.

  3. Additional confusion: I was also running into a situation where the White Key notes played correctly on the Scaler track, but when the part is dragged to a new MIDI track, the notes do not transpose to the Scale. If I MIDI record the track with Scaler assigned to it, the pitches of the white keys are correct, but the notes are made longer…

If you don’t understand this, I’ll try to make it clearer with some screen shots.

Nothing urgent here, but any advice about this would be welcome. I had not noticed this before, but I’ve not made extensive use of the white keys feature.

I’ve been with Scaler for over a year now and love it, yet there are features I’ve not fully explored.

Hey @1stInversion

are you on the latest version 2.4.1 ?

There can be some differences in the way sequences are generated depending if you play live or drag and drop the sequence. We fixed some of those issue in the latest release making the overall content export more solid. There are a few remaining things that didn’t make into the release that will be addressed in 2.5.

Don’t hesitate to post some screenshots when you get the time, we can have a look if that’s already been taken care of.


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Yes, I’m on 2.4.1 and I think I sorted this out. Thanks for the prompt response. it helped clear up what was going on.

Drag and Drop does not export notes transposed to Scale or Chord Tones when Keys are locked to White Keys, but MIDI recorded on tracks to which Scaler is assigned are all fine. In fact, that’s been my standard workflow for using the White Keys functions for melodic parts.

Drag and Drop has been much improved in the program over the updates. Most Performances and other Patterns Drag and Drop really well – it’s a great workflow and a fun way to use Scaler. Perhaps, eventually, it could be possible to have White Keys taken into account when doing a drag and drop from a White Keys created track? I don’t consider this essential since I already have a workable way to do this. It would be nice (maybe) if Scaler worked that way. Perhaps this will be meaningful at some point in future development.

Thanks, Ed1

Two screens as background to the conversation.

Scaler Track with Chords and White Keys playing a melody

Track recorded to Instrument Track (Cubase Pro10) with Chords Unmuted and single notes from white keys (all correct). When Chords are Muted, only the correct single notes are recorded – and all’s right in Denmark. :slight_smile: