Do you know JJazzLab?

I found this free software today.
Jjazz lab can use many Yamaha styles.
I don’t know whether scaler can use other styles. If so, I can use this function for reference. I wonder if there is a copyright problem?

JJazzLab found and installed. Thanks. I find it interesting. I think that in the end everything in music seems interesting to me. Good thing this program is free, hehehe hehehe
You can make the JjazzLab Midi Out go to loopmidiport. In your DAW you assign multiple instruments to receive the various loopmidiport channels and then copy the chords into Scaler and keep doing things. Brilliant


I just learned about this free software, too.
I didn’t expect free software to have so many functions.
I really hope scaler can have these functions in the future

too bad it’s not a vst
How can you feed it with Scaler @jjfagot ?

You can’t, since it doesn’t have Midi In
What I do is just the opposite:
I assign as Midi Out in JjazzLab Loopmidiport. In the DAW I map midi channels with VSTi instruments that I hope will match the Jjazlab output and get the sounds that come from there. It is important to look at the output channels in JjazLab (the numbers). I can record them, getting the rhythms and the programmed moments in each song.
I can also use Scaler as well. For this I copy the chords with their durations in Scaler and apply a performance, a bass or another rhythm. Then, as usual, I turn Scaler to other Vsti

You can also export the result, the song you make in JazzLab, as a midi file and open it in your DAW
There is a function to import xmls files. Since the sets that we save in Scaler have that format, I tried, but it always gives a read error at the end

I’ve tried JazzLab in conjunction with Scaler and came up with a short tune, Bear in mind I’m a complete novice at this lark and only do this for fun, ( a retired 67 year old needing something to do on cold and wet days). I found a chord progression in Scaler and put the same chords into JazzLab, picked a style (soft rock). Exported as midi file and dragged into Daw and added a bit more with Scaler. Stream Easy Hanz by Sprocker Rock | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

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