DODO: the free audio-to-midi tool

Hi pals

Last year I tried this plugin suggested by @Bernd in this post but I found it not workable

Today, possibly because of my better PC/DAW, or due to the improvement in their tool, it seems to me that it may work

At an experimental level it is cool, for example you can do a percussion track tapping on a mic, or you can scratch the same mic sending the output to a synth and producing interesting stuff :grin:

I had not the option to use it with my wood recorder anyway, that is the reason why I tested it again: in practice I hope to use it, together to the marvels of Scaler keys-lock and other similar devilments, to play solos with my wood recorder and have them in-tune and in-scale

I’ll let you know what happens when I find the right time
(my wife not at home :grin:)

If it does not work, there is another couple of ideas, akaipro ewi-usb or re.corder that are going on through my mind :cold_face:

Well, I eventually found my wife’s recorder: it is a Japanese Aulos

And now, the nagger is deaf as a post, and the neighbourhood work the whole blessed day, so I just have to wait that my wife goes out of errands to do my test :grin: :rofl: