Does scale 2.5 include classical music progressions?

I’m hoping to find a program that has a lot of classical music progressions in it. Things like Debussy Clair de Lune or Rachmaninoff, Brahms, Chopin etc. Seems like I remember it only had a small set of generic “classical music” progressions but I could be mistaken.

Thanks for any info on this. I’d love to buy it if it does!


Greg K.

Welcome to the forum @gkillmaster There’s been some back and forth about how much pre-existing, copyright free, readily available content we include in Scaler. The classical chord progressions you mention fall into this area and subsequently are included across many other software programs. Scaler really loves to be original and based on human content written specifically for scaler.
I would suggest, perhaps with bias, that you just get the chord sets online and import them into scaler and then utilise the power of scaler to play around / modulate / create from there. Having said all of that there are many classical style chord progressions in scaler including a classical category…


Thanks a lot Davide! I appreciate the information and response! I’ll see if I can round up progressions. I have Cthulhu so maybe those have some? Is there a format I should look for to know they will import into Scaler?

If you have the free MIDI files already, you could just play them in your DAW while Scaler listens to them in its “detect” mode, and subsequently learns involved chords. At least that’s what I’ve done with some Debussy stuff.

Based on those extracted chord progressions I’ve created this new piece (it’s not an actual Debussy composition, just playing some of his chords in different/random order)


Thanks for the idea! Hadn’t thought of that. And on a brief listen, I really like what I’m hearing in that piece!

You’re welcome and yes Cthulhu indeed does have many copyright free (Creative Commons) midi files. Wiki commons is a great source for classical midi files.


…if you like Bach :wink:


This is beautiful, Bernd. Great idea.

O yeh, I think you’re right. I love Bach tremendously but am hoping to find more variety for sure.