Download - Launch DAW

Scaler2 is placed side by side with ScalerAudio2 and ScalerControl2.cloth.

But ScalerControl2
Not installed.

Furthermore, Cubase VSTmanager only recognizes ScalerAudio2
(Confirmed that it is in the Scaler2 installation and file (same file as ScalerAudio2))

Download again, move another file → specify file in Cubase VSTmanager
↑ It didn’t work.

Help me.
I am using Windows.

Hi @chicaci

ScalerControl is for Logic Pro only, it is normal that you cannot see it from Cubase.
In Cubase, you should be able to do everything you need using only “Scaler” as a virtual instrument.

ScalerAudio is an audio FX whereas Scaler is a software instrument. They might not end up in the same menu and might not be visible on some track types.

I hope this helps,