Drag and Drop MIDI into Scaler

Would be useful to be able to drag and drop chords from MIDI clips in DAW or from MIDI files into Scaler. Much like what can be done with PlayBox by Native Instruments.

You can drag and drop MIDI into Scaler. It detects the MIDI and puts them into section A.

Thanks for the tip, but I can’t find where to drop…tried everywhere on GUI but no luck. Nothing in manual about drag and drop for chords in MIDI clips or files. Can you tell me exactly where to drop on Scaler 2 GUI? I can get chords in by recording midi in detect mode, but would save steps to just drag and drop…either individual chords or multiples.

You drag anywhere in the Scaler window. It will then tell you that you will overwrite the current progression yes or no. If you don’t see that then it might not be a real MIDI chord. What DAW? What OS?

Hi @dgwitte

Welcome to Scaler. Are you using Ableton Live as your DAW? If so, then you should note that “midi clips” in Ableton are not really midi. To use a clip from Ableton you should export it as midi and then drag the exported midi file onto Scaler.

With queries like this it is helpful to know the DAW and OS as there are members who are very knowledgable about individual DAWs who can give more detailed help.