Drag and drop midi scales

It would be great if you added midi to all the scales that we can drag and drop like the chords.
This would be super helpful for exotic scales people don’t use often.
As you know many people drag and drop midi scales to use as a key to seeing what notes are in the scale to make fast melodies.
Big time work flow improvement.


yes. this would definitely save us time.

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Hmm that is interesting. I’ll add that to our list to discuss.


Thank you for looking into this.

Similarly, I’d like to be able to drag a chord straight from Scaler onto my arrangement midi roll in Ableton. I’ll be previewing chords in context of my music and when I find one I like I have to drag it to the bottom row, clear, midi capture, play the chord, then drag. Even if it was just quarter notes it would be super useful.

Am I missing something. You can do this, drag any single chord anywhere you want!

Just tried it again and it worked this time. Hmm. I’ll reply again if I figure out why it wasn’t working earlier.

Ditto. This would be a great feature.
I use Scaler to practice diatonic triads for different keys, e.g. playing all the diatonic triads in A-flat Melodic Minor.

I do this by arpeggiating each chord.
This takes a bit of setting up.
Any way to not only just add midi to scales, but also harmonised scale tones would really make this a great tool.

Tessitura Pro MDecks software has a User-defineable patterns feature which comes closest to doing this.