Drag and Drop support for Studio One Chord Track (Bidirectional - or even better, sync)

Sorry if this is requested elsewhere…

Does Studio 1 chord track read /detect MIDI files?

No, I don’t believe so. Although you can drag a “Midi” file from an instrument track to the chord track to identify the chord - but once midi is on a track, it becomes a proprietary presonus format “.musicloop”.
So, the current workflow is drag a chord from Scaler to an instrument track to create an event, then drag that event to the chord track, or alternatively, right-click the event and “Extract Chords to Chord Track”.
– Not the end of the world, but would be nice to simplify it a bit…

I suppose but I don’t see it high on the list of things to do. If more DAWs incorporated the same maybe but I don’t think Scaler team should try to hit all the quirks of every DAW. It first needs to evolve forward into a powerhouse composition machine like it seems to be, based on the Devs thoughts of where they are headed.
Just my 2 cents.


Completely agree, and on the same page. A real challenge in early software development strategy is to avoid dilution of the core goals by - for understandable and valid reasons - spreading the scarce manpower resource jam too thinly by seeking to be all things to all people in a diverse community of users. I’m sure the user community sees that the bigger the critical mass built on key product differentiation, the more money there will be to add on all the wish list items.


Ask Gregor :slight_smile: Seriously - with Studio One it can probably be done (maybe with a macro?) it is just not easy to figure out on your own.

Fair comments - it’s just a feature request, and ultimately it’s up to the developer if they see value in implementing it. It’s not a demand…
I was using a UJAM product that followed the chord track nicely in studio one and was trying to drag and drop chords from Scaler without success, so thought I’d ask.

Perhaps the simpler request would be to ask presonus to accept midi on the chord track…

That is true. It is really something Presonus needs to include. I just tried this in Cubase with their Chord track. Of course I can’t just drop it onto the chord track but I can drop the progression on any MIDI or Instrument track select the MIDI file and then under Project select Make Chord Labels and it populates the Chord track with all the Scaler chords. Presonus should definitely incorporate something like that.

Your timing is uncanny. Looks like the new drop of Studio One (5.3) adds some drag and drop chord track functionality. Not sure if it meets your needs, but it might address some issues. #StudioOne 5.3 - Chord Track Drag & Drop! - YouTube

Thanks @TMacD, yes, I saw that update and was excited too. But, it seems that you still can’t drag from Scaler directly to the Chord Track unfortunately, But it does bring some other cool benefits.
I contributed to some requests on the answers.presonus.com site - I think that’s the best place for the request.
Thanks for looking out for me though - appreciate it!

Once the MIDI is dropped in can you then extract the chord progression? That’s the way Cubase works and it really is quick.

Yes you can do that fairly easily