Drag chords from one Instance of Scaler to another

This is certainly not a “must have” but would be useful from time to time.

I’d like to be able to put two instances of Sealer on Screen side by side and drag chords from one instance of Scaler to a pad in the other instance.

Only the chord would be copied over with performance assignments ignored.


Technically you can do that. If you drag the chord (make sure performance is off in the one you are dragging) to the detect area of the 2nd Scaler it will detect that chord and you can move it to a pattern/

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Good idea I’d not thought of. I’ll try that.

You can drag and drop multiple chords as well.

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This works very well. I’d still like the drag/drop functionality I mention, but detect certainly gets the job done. I like to keep threads on a single topic, so I put up a little thread about using Detect to move chords from one instances of Scaler to another using a Detect method.