Drag Custom Chords into Detect Section

The situation is that I discovered a new chord progression through the Modulation features, in which I can drag discovered chords into the section C patterns. Once closing the Modulation page, I am left with a bunch of custom chords in my pattern section, without context what key they are in. I tried to drag the custom chords back into section A, where Detect mode happens, but it doesn’t work. I also cannot simply click on the chords while the recording button is active in the Detect mode, it cancels Detect mode immediately.

Is it feasible to allow Detect mode to have chords dragged from the section C (Patterns) in order to find out what scales they are part of?


Hi @Bernd

You can use right click on the pattern name and “detect”.

You can also select multiple chords and right-click > “detect”.

However, we could add the drag and drop as well.

Duuh, I forgot about the context menu options :-/ There I found an even cooler option…

I think that is more convenient even than the drag’n drop I originally suggested. Never mind my ignorance :wink:

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