Drag doesn't seem to include slash notes for midi markers

If I use the drag function to drag from Scaler to a midi file or into a DAW track and the chords are e.g., G maj / B then the midi marker doesn’t iclude the “/ B” and just shows as G maj (in Reaper in my case) any ideas?

Cheers. Mike.

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Hey Mike…
I don’t know much about midi markers, but I was wondering if the Settings/Session Export Midi Markers makes a difference:

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Hi. Thanks for that.
I checked that it was set to ON and it is. All marker info is correct except the slash (/) part.
Can the label text of the chord as shown in Scaler2 be put into the midi file?

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Hi @Mykyndryd

thanks for reporting, we will have a look at what we can do :slight_smile:

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Thanks Ed. Probably just needs to copy the label in full.
Appreciate that.

Bummer…but I bet the dev team will get it sorted.

Just incase someone stumbles on this thread while searching for MIDI drag and drop issues, I’ve found at least 1 DAW (Ok, DAW-lite) that does not like Export Markers turned on. ZenBeats, a simple but pretty handy little Roland product, will not recognize a midi drag and drop if Export Midi Markers is turned on (at least in WIndows) Not sure if other packages might respond in a similar way, but just in case…