Drag Entire Pattern into Arrangement

I can ‘lasso’- or command-select individual or a group of chords I’ve added to a pattern, and then drag them into my Ableton Live arrangement view to create a midi clip. But it seems like I should be also able to drag the “Pattern 1” label into my DAW and have it work just as if I had lasso’ed the entire progression, with all their voicings, timings, etc. I can click and start to drag Pattern 1, but it won’t drop into Ableton like I hoped it would. I’m using Scaler 2.5.

A ‘select all’ option for right-clicking a chord in a pattern, thereby selecting all the chords in that pattern, would be similarly useful.


If you click between the pads you can choose Select All to select all the chords.


Well look at that! I never would have thought to click on the empty space. Thanks for the tip, I’ll be using that daily!

I’d still like to be able to drag the pattern by clicking its label, though. :slightly_smiling_face:


I second this request. Major workflow improvement…


I can see that being a good addition.

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I think that would be a great workflow.

I’ve adapted to “select all” and Drag and Drop is a strong features of the program and a fun way to work with it. You can kind of Ad Hoc record parts with different performances, etc. It may not be the most organized way to use Scaler, but it can be a fast, creative way to work on projects.

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I agree. I love using Scaler to help come up with a nice foundation of chords and rhythmic ideas, then I kick those out of Scaler with drag-and-drop, and finish it up in the piano roll.

A good example of something I find that scaler isn’t well-suited for is adding figures/ostinato in strings (hooray for Disco!). Another is adding a counter-melody. And sometimes I just want to create more space. In these cases I find that I do best when I “see” the patterns I’m working with. Ableton 11’s new Scale mode has been just great for this!

I suppose as I improve, I’ll be able to work more things out in real-time with Scaler keys-lock and recording MIDI.

Even though they’re great fun to mess with, I have a fear of using performances in my work, like someone’s going to notice and ask, “who puts Vivaldi in a disco track?!?”

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Funny you should mention that. I actually use Scaler ALL THE TIME for ostinatos, a lot easier than using my DAW.

And funny you mention about getting flagged. I actually got a notice from YouTube that I was using copyrighted material in one of my sound-tracked videos. But oddly, it wasn’t a canned figure from Scaler - just a lengthy piano line that I (honestly) plunked down in piano roll note by note. 16 bars worth, it took a couple of weeks on and off (I can’t play piano). I disputed and they dropped the complaint…but still, it was a little shocking.

I never perform - I find something I like, drag 'n drop. For me, Scaler is just a note-construction tool and chord sequencing blueprint, rather than a performance tool.

And BTW…would someone please STOP ME from using Celestial Existence any more. I love that sound…but I use it too much.

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You know, I didn’t know – or perhaps forgot – that Scaler has ostinatos under “sequences.” That label “sequences” didn’t resonate with me (like, isn’t everything a sequence?!), so I just kind of ignored it. I’ll play around with those!


Why not?

RONDO VENEZIANO - La Serenissima (Extended Disco Mix) - YouTube

In modern dance music it seems to be perfectly normal to remix the old classics…

DJ Tiesto - Adagio For Strings - YouTube


Good point – and examples!

I’m first trying to get comfortable with the ‘center’ of the genre and its influences, and I’m not there yet. I’m at the stage where trying to blend in an entirely different genre is more likely to produce a peanut-butter-and-ketchup sandwich (with cheese) rather than a bold new cuisine.

But isn’t the mad scientist an alluring character?

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You must spend a lot of time listening to tracks :slightly_smiling_face:

I am a fan of William Orbit ( known in pop circles for having done Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’) . He released ‘Pieces in a Modern Style’ containing his take on

Samuel Barber - “Adagio for Strings” – 9:34
John Cage - “In a Landscape” – 2:57
Erik Satie - “Ogive Number 1”[4] – 6:44
Pietro Mascagni - “Cavalleria Rusticana” – 3:19
Maurice Ravel - “Pavane pour une Infante Défunte” – 6:11
Antonio Vivaldi - “L’Inverno” – 3:57
Ludwig van Beethoven - “Triple Concerto” – 5:32
Georg Friedrich Händel - “Xerxes” – 4:42
Henryk Górecki - “Piece in the Old Style 1” – 5:06
Henryk Górecki - “Piece in the Old Style 3” – 5:49
Ludwig van Beethoven - “Opus 132” – 6:14

all serious classical stuff with a modern twist. He also covered Barber

He had early success with ‘Water from a Vine Leaf’, a track I love - give it a listen. He has an amazing way with tones.

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Actually that’s a pretty bold sandwich by any measure … :nauseated_face:

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Actually, sounds like the average fare of when a 4 year old learns to make their own food :wink:

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That’s the funny thing, I don’t really listen to that much music, but I (used to) have a good memory, where I will remember most things that I ever consciously paid attention to.


Very good, Bernd. By the way I will tell something:
It’s been a couple of years now that I’ve realized that I’ve forgotten a lot of things. I think about the phone numbers that I forget is normal, since we automatically store them in mobile phones. When I was young I had a phone book in my head with all the numbers that interested me, of friends, family, etc., and they were many. I have also forgotten names and surnames of people. But 2 weeks ago a colleague at the Conservatory fell ill and I took charge of replacing him in the direction of his band. They were preparing What a wonderful world and I started by looking at the score to guide them, but I was interested in the students being attentive to what I was conducting them and, without realizing it, I forgot to look at the score. I realized then that that score was filed somewhere in my brain with the chords and links between chords.
As you say, in our memory, when the hard disk begins to collapse, what we have learned with interest remains…

I feel that the pandemic made me 10 years older. In the last 2 years I was stuck at home, lack of movement and in person socializing has literally made me insane (depression, skill erosion, memory loss). About the only thing that improved seems to be my musical aptitude. But that might just be Scaler as my crutch :wink:


I loved “Pieces in a Modern Style”. Especially the Barber piece and the Ravel piece.

I think the Barber piece was in mind when I did this:


I think there is no justifiable logic in YT’s flagging mechanism anymore. youtuber from South Africa I follow exclusively does sound design from scratch on his channels and he gets dinged all the time. I its the new business model, instead of aigning artists, “record labels” focus on extorting innocent Youtubers, stealing their revenue by demonitizing based on superficial copyright claims. And YT sides with them.

Time to find/establish new artist friendly video platforms…

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And HANDS OFF Celestial Existence patch, it’s mine, ALL MINE, myyyy prrrecioussssss :rofl: :laughing:

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