Drag the Midi notes humanized into Ableton

I’m new to Scaler and the forum and I struggle with something.
I do humanize my arp into scaler and midi capture them, as they say in a tutorial to drag them into Ableton and keep the velocity settings, but as soon as I dropped the midi file; it comes back to notes and velocity completely straight with not automation…
Do you know how to solve that ?
Thank you.
(sorry for my english)

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I’m not sure I understand what you are doing. You are playing an arp into Scaler? Scaler is only designed to capture chords not arp notes.

I do capture arp it comes from the drag button of scaler and there is also an arp fonction

My question is more about the humanize fonction as i explained.
when it comes to drag and drop the midi ABleton does not keep the velocity humanized.

I do it all the time in Ableton and it works great. But if you have quantize turned on in Live it will put everything on the grid. Turn Live quantize off.

yes it looks not on grid but for the velocity it does not work

What version of Live?

Here is velocity on my Live version 11.12 MAC OS 10.13.6 Scaler 2.5 - Humanize On —

And this is velocity with humanize off —

very last and official :smiley:
I don’t get what I do bad then…

What OS is your Computer and what version of Live? Are you using Scaler 2.5?

Monterey 12,0
Live : 11.0.12
Scaler 2,5

Hmm I’m very new but could trial it to get the same result. I wanted to add that your question and explanation is very clear to me.

Until then, I bet a possible workaround would be playing it through and recording (as you are now) but instead route the midi to another Ableton midi track (set the ins to “from scaler”) and record into a clip. If you set it up I’m sure it’d record exactly all the velocity and arp notes. It will just be a little more work and less time efficient