Dragged Midi Always includes extra quarter bar blank data? Can't totally remove it

Studio one 5… Drag midi always has extra blank chord length, It’s not a rest bar being dragged.

I can cut the excess off and use it in my daw.

Duplicating the track works fine. Everything normal … But when I take that trimmed midi loop i want to save and drag it into my midi loop save folder in SO5 and then drag it back out to use it the rest is there again.

Completely baffling. I render instrument track selection. I group events. I changed every setting in scaler like daw synch and play quantization…

At first i was going to post this problem to SO5 forum because I edit the midi and throw it on new tracks and duplicate and etc etc But dragging it back out from my folder in SO5 it’s back! But…why is it there in the first place? And why is it so persistent?

Hi @mkp

Are you sure there isn’t a note going over the end of the bar? It could be your DAW adding this space to be able to draw the MIDI notes.

I know I have seen this behaviour in Logic when a note finish slightly after the bar.

Try shortening the last note and reexport the clip to check if it is the problem.

Just tried your suggestion unfortunately still doing it.

It makes no sense.

I dragged about 20 variation of pattern into daw to experiment…

I filled up 8 pattern with 8 chords… Dragged all 8…No blank chord space at end. Perfect drag and drop…

Removed last chord and dragged 7 over… 7 chords with one blank length of chord at end…

Removed another chord…dragged 6 over… 6 chords and one blank chord length…

Now in doing this about 20 times in different variations… Randomly ONCE it dragged a perfect 7 chord onto daw with no blank space…

So 1 out of 20… I obviously tried to recreate what i did but the next drag was with blank.

Really annoying because I need those midi loops in my folder to be perfect.

Further experiments…If i grab one chord from any position…1sr chord…2nd chord…etc… It pulls out with one chord length of blank space.

This occurs even with a full 8 chord pattern (which pulls out all together with no blanks) .

Highlight an individual chord and pull it out it has a blank.