Dragging chords to copy AND to move

I would like to reopen this request. I’m using version 2.2.0.

Sometimes the user wants to move chords, sometimes to copy them. Depending on context, Scaler should give the user the option to do both, e.g. like in macOS’ Finder using the OPTION button to copy a file instead of moving in it.

The dependence on context is obvious, e.g. it only makes sense to copy chords in the scale explorer from section B to C.

But in pad view, copying should be also possible, if we want moving to be the default behaviour instead. To me, it comes natural to create a new pattern by copying a pre-existing one. I don’t even know if that is possible now, I need to exit pad view and copy them back from the explorer’s section B, and then enter the pad view again.



You can, you can duplicate patterns, copy chords (holding option key) or just move the chords around patterns. Does that help?