Dragging midi from scaler to FL Studio piano roll deleting previous midi notes

An issue I’ve ran into is when dragging midi from Scaler 1.6 into the FL Studio piano roll, it will delete all midi in the roll and replace it with just the chord I dragged. Sometimes I just want to change a single chord or variation into a pattern, but dragging anything new from Scaler will delete everything in the piano roll expect for the new chord. It could be an issue with FL Studio but it seems to only happen with scaler. If anyone knows what might be causing this please let me know!

Hi @FLguy

thanks for reporting your issue, we will have a look at this.

Has any progress been made on this issue?

Hi @FLguy,

we are still working on the 1.7 update but haven’t yet fixed the issue you reported.

Thanks for the timely response, I look forward to 1.7, and this issue being fixed. Being able to drag different chords one by one opens up so many more doors for us producers!

I also hope this issue will be improved.

Hi @FLguy and @nullcode,

it seems that this behaviour is unique to FL Studio. Having investigated this issue, the drag and drop of MIDI, either from a file or a VST like Scaler or Maschine etc. is resulting in the replacement of the entire content of your piano roll.

Unfortunately we cannot fix it on our end. In the meantime, you can drag the MIDI content to a new Channel in the Channel Rack and then manually pick the chord or chords you want.

thanks for using Scaler,

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That’s what I’ve been doing, dragging the chords into a sampler channel.

It would improve workflow slightly if this was fixed, but as you stated this is a minor nuisance for an otherwise amazing VST.

Thanks for looking into the issue, and keep up the good work!