Dragging midi pattern into same scaler track messes it up

I did a midi capture on my scaler track to convert it into all the notes that were being played. When i drag this midi file to another instrument i have no problems but i happen to enjoy the piano included with scaler so when i drag the complete midi pattern into the scaler track it gets completely messed up with multiple chords being played at the same time. I fixed it by creating an entire new track, with scaler in it acting as the instrument. Im very new to scaler so im sorry if this is a stupid question, but i couldnt tell if it was an actual bug or it is common for it to act accordingly when uploaded onto the same track. I am on Mac using the latest version of Logic.
Thank you for taking the time!

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Hi @spaz

this is the normal behaviour, it simply comes from the fact that the notes playing on the track will get “performed” or “re-voiced” based on the settings you have selected.

The solution is either to drop to another track as you did, or remember to disable the performance parameters before playing back the MIDI.