Dragging Multi Part

Maybe I’m ill-informed:
I’d like to drag each part (channel) of a multi-part chord to its respective track in the DAW, channels 2-5 to each of four tracks.
I know I can drag the whole chord and delete notes, but is there an automagic feature for this?

I don’t think so yet. This is their first implementation so we have settling in period making note of what we need and want. I like to drag and drop as well which results in overlapped notes when MVO is on. For now recording to separate tracks works.

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In Cubase a single MIDI track can have notes set to various MIDI channels so there’s no need for multiple MIDI tracks. However Cubase provides a “Dissolve” function which allows notes to be placed on new MIDI tracks by channel. Perhaps your DAW provides a similar function?

I concur with this, but I don’t think this is too much of a difficulty, is it? Just play the pattern(s) in Section C once and you should be able to record the midi output into individual tracks.

PS You don’t say which DAW you are using for this.

Scaler overlaps notes when D&Ding with MVO on but that makes editing difficult. I’d rather see 4 tracks if there are 4 channels, etc.