Dragging song and artist chords onto daw always has extra blank space at end

Studio one 5

Any time I drag a premade chord progression of any kind within scaler 2 including just straight scale chord chords and drag them to daw they have a persistent blank midi gap at the end one chord length long.

I can cut the blank length off but when I drag the clip into my midi loop folder and back onto daw track it appears again!

Songs i create myself seem to work fine.

Now get this. When I write the chord names from premade scaler progression down…then open a brand new daw session and go into scaler and manually select the same chords…the blank midi is there again…and i can’t get rid of it when saving into my loop folders???

Is scaler watermarking their preset progressions??

Hi @mkp

I do believe this is a Presonus Studio One 5 smart feature to make looping bar-wise friendly, if you drop some MIDI data that does not end on a bar, the remaining is added (visually, no impact on audio/playback here) to make looping easier I suppose.

In this screenshot all midi tracks come from Scaler drag and drop.
Track 1 is where I loaded Scaler 2.
Track 2 is one chord with beat duration = 2 beats, meaning half a bar (containing in my project 4 beats) the missing half bar to visually make bar size MIDI clips is added.
Track 3 is two chords with beat duration = 2 beats, meaning a whole bar, nothing added here.
and so on…

Hope this helps,

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Woa ok. I was really confused because I was apparently using seconds as timebase which somehow always measured up exactly on a ‘bar’ but switching to bar timebase I see exactly whats going on. Thank you for pointing that out!

Any idea how to turn this off?

Its annoying regardless and I don’t see how that’s helpful to add blank data. Lol.

Yes thanks for the help.

Hi @mkp, you are welcome, I am not expert using Studio One, but my understanding are it is possible that this is a default behaviour and it could be then not configurable, I have tried different time signatures and it behave the same every time.
I would suggest you to try to reach the Studio One community through their forum, this kind of precise information could hopefully be found there.