Duplicating Timeline Events

Suppose I have 3 pattern progression that I want to use in 2 different parts of the song. How can I duplicate that timeline event so I can reuse it?


Right click on a PATTERN and select DUPLICATE then drag it to whichever position you want

I think I didn’t explain myself correctly. Let me try again. Suppose I have a 2 bar phrase that consists of one 8 chord progression. By default (I think) it is placed on my Studio One timeline as an event from Bar 1 thru Bar 2 (ending before Bar 3 starts). How can I use that exact 2 bar phrase at an additional place in the song - let’s say at Bar 9 thru Bar 10?

I’m sorry I’m confused. It appears you are asking a question about how to copy a region in Studio One?

David: I appreciate your patience with me. Let me try again. I am trying to compose a song that consists of just 2 tracks - #1/Scaler as a VST #2/Melody. #2 begins at Bar 1 for 2 bars. How do I get #1 to start at Bar 3. I don’t want to use the midi capture function. I don’t want to use the pad view. I hope this makes it clearer. Thx again. Ted

Are you referring to DAW sync within scaler? So when you are control clicking or right clicking on the play button within scaler and then pressing start on your DAW? If so it is not possible to alter the start position. When you press start on your DAW is tarts and repeats the sync according to the length of your chord progression. If I am still misunderstanding you please provide a link to a video

Based on what you just said - it seems that with the current (2.0.8) version of Scaler cannot be used to build a complete song unless you use the midi capture feature.

You do not HAVE to use midi capture, you can drag and drop chords and then drop the complete midi chord sequence wherever you want it. Midi capture is quite powerful, as there are many different ways of using midi capture depending on what you are trying to accomplish. But again, while midi capture may prove to be advantageous to most, you do not have to use midi capture at all if you do not want to do so.

I too, am having a problem following your questions and changing scenarios… no offense intended. I believe that the videos on Scaler2 are of significant importance for someone trying to wrap their head around the software and how it can be used effectively.

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Hi: No offense taken. I am still trying to understand how to use Scaler 2 within my workflow. I have no issue with the use of midi capture/midi chord drag-drop. I was intrigued by the possibilities of using Scaler 2 natively with a built-in instrument to build an entire track - not just one iteration of the progression(s) for a just few bars. Is that possible at all?