Edit Chord Extras - Scaler 2

Simple add on request, when u go into edit a chord from one of ur patterns, below the suggested chords it should just show ur chord progression pattern so that u can quickly play though and see if ur edited chord is working in the progression, I really like the suggested chord feature also but its playing an octave higher then all other chords in the pattern so can really get a feel for how they are working in the chord progression. with these two features the edit function would be so awesome, great work with scaler 2 though keep it up!

Good feedback and yes we need to look a this I agree.
Two things I think should happen:

  1. You can see section C down the bottom and you are still bound to it so you can play through (you should also be able to turn bind off here)
  2. The suggested chords all need to come down an octave (that was an oversight on our behalf I feel)

Let me discuss with the team and get this working better. Thanks for feedback.