Edit Chords in Guitar View


i had a demo version of scaler (don’t know which version) and it was possible to edit/build a chord in the guitar view. Now I purchased scaler 2 and I can only edit a full chord in the piano view. Am I missing something?


Edit: When I’m in the “rest” mode I can select notes from the piano view, which are kept to build the chord. In guitar view I can only klick a single note but the note is not selected for building the chord. I’m on MacOS 10.15.04

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@PhillAnselmo yes it worked in Scaler 1, but is broken/not implemented in Scaler 2. Really disappointing, it is such a useful feature! This is mentioned in another thread on here. @Ed1 said “this is definitely something we can have a look at.”.

PS This is same on Windows 10.

Thx to the developers. They integrated the feature in release 2.0.6.



Excellent! Thanks for posting, otherwise I would not have known. I wish the plugin would inform users when a newer version is available.