Editing a Chord in the context of a Progression

Hi - not sure if this has been covered before, so apologies if it has …

When editing a chord within a progression the Chord Edit screen currently shows only the chord being edited and the Suggested Chords - the progression is hidden from view. It would be very handy if the chord progression could still be accessed so that edits to the chord could be auditioned within the context of the progression itself.

The only way to do this that I can currently find is to switch backwards and forwards between the progression and edit mode, which breaks the workflow a bit (- if key binding is enabled for Section C then this is also disabled while editing, so this doesn’t seem to be an option).



Also, it would be nice to be able to go to the next/previous chord directly from the Chord Edit screen

This has been asked a few times, I think having the context is important

Yes, I think it would be a nice addition.

The Chord Edit screen starts to have a few feature requests on hold. We will discuss with the team of a plan to integrate these into a nice workflow update.

I agree with all of this and I find it limiting that I can’t play through my progression and edit at the same time. Ed and I had got somewhere with this in Scaler but I can’t remember where it was. As Ed said we will discuss this and work on a better workflow. Thanks for feedback.
EDIT: I think we should keep section C bound so you can play through as normal and only edit using the Scaler keyboard. Then maybe a < > to cycle through current chord edited or midi mapped so you are editing the chord you are playing?

Keeping the Section C bound would definitely be useful, and adding a facility to cycle through current chords would be a benefit too. Maybe also show the Section C progression under the chord being edited (similar to the way the modulation page shows the progression and suggestions underneath) so the progression can be visible for reference when not being played using the key binding?