Editor's tempo change after drag and drop

How to set Scaler not to change DAW tempo?

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Hi @iSeeThis

Scaler doesn’t change DAW tempo itself, but when you drag MIDI the DAW usually has an option to keep or dismiss the MIDI tempo information.

This depends on the DAW, the solution might change based on which one you are using.


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I’m using Logic X. First it asked me to select the choices you mention. But now, out of the blue, it doesn’t ask any more. My tempo is just set to 120 every time I drag and drop. Please tell me how to let it ask me again.

@iSeeThisI think you are getting confused. You are asking about Logic’s native features. Scaler doesn’t affect Logic’s tempo and will drag your chords out according to the note division you’ve selected within Scaler (check your manual on how to do that). Furthermore the note divisions will work with whatever tempo you have set in Logic.

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Thank you very much davide. I think I get it now!

I also have the same problem, once I drag the chord to DAW it will change the tempo to 120…

To reset Logic message to the default after you ticked “Do Not Show This Message Again”, you can reset notifications in:

Preferences > General > Notifications > reset notifications.

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That’s really helpful and make me understand things clearly. Thank you Ed.