Electric guitars for free by Spitfire

Look here

Nice guys the Spitfire pals :rocket: :grinning:


Highly recommend the ENTIRE Lab Series and they are FREE. :slight_smile:


I have many of the Free Labs instruments. All quite useful and many very special.


For example the mermaid cantos that are very cool, to me
I am just using them with a nice prog vibe

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If you’ve never looked into the background of the Labs project, it is pretty cool. I’ve been collecting them pretty much since they started dropping. They are great! Be aware that their management interface can a bit finicky and I’ve never gotten their audition sounds to work quite right. Regardless you should check them out.

If you are new to Labs, they are from Spitfire Audio (a premium orchestral tools publishing studio focused on film soundtracks) To quote the LABS website:

LABS are an "infinite series of free software instruments, made by musicians and sampling experts in London, for anyone, anywhere. Presented in our own plug-in, they are easy to use, and compatible with any DAW. And in case you missed it — they’re all free "

You can start your LABS journey here: LABS — Free Virtual Instruments (spitfireaudio.com)

While you are at it, you might check out the Spitfire BBC Orchestra Discover. Some of these 33 instruments and articulations are great with Scaler.
It has a free option @ Spitfire Audio — BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover


Ha! And you said you couldn’t use Sample Libraries. So there you go!



OK, I reformulate: I cannot use badly programmed (usually too much big, but not always) Sample Libraries

It seems to me that Spitfire labs do their libraries smartly enough to be managed by any kind of PC, old or new, powerful or not, while other sample plugins always crash my system

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PluginGuru has Unified the complete LABS collection including the newest addition of Electric Guitars. There are also some great extra patches that have been made with Unify and Labs.

Let me see if I got this straight – You have a underpowered, outdated computer with only 8 G of ram but it’s the sample libraries that are badly programed. :thinking: :rofl: Sure, that makes total sense. :crazy_face:


maybe if 100 Scaler colleagues could each put $10 in a pool we could invest into a decent music computer to get @ClaudioPorcellana out of the technological stone age. :grin: :rofl:


I don’t understand why you often take it so personally, even if you aren’t (?) involved as a developer :thinking:

If you read here, you should understand that they developed the samples light by purpose, for the reason explained below

“… Designed to make orchestral scoring accessible to music creators of every level – from those just starting out, to professional composers. BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover is an inspiring gateway into orchestral composition, featuring the same professional and detailed recording process as both the Core and Professional editions, in an incredibly lightweight and accessible package (only 200MB)”

Specs: Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack, 64-bit) Intel Core 2 Duo. 6GB RAM.

And even if certain packages like mermaids are huge (about 1GB), they can be easily managed my weak system

What’s bad in that?
I really don’t understand

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But wouldn’t you be even happier with something like this ? (the drives can read 7GB a second…)


I was happier until I read £ 4,000…
:crazy_face: :rofl: :hot_face: :cold_face:


Why do you think I am taking this personally? I’m just pointing out that maybe it isn’t necessarily the software you are trying to run that is the problem but a lack of resources on your end. How is that personal? Did you not see the laughing emoji? Just joking.
Time for me to say goodbye to this place for a while.
Cheers and have fun.

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Sorry for misunderstanding
peace & love & rock&roll

Ooooh!! That’s good. I believe the first “4” is a typo. It is certainly “1”. :rofl:

Just alone the GPU would be worth it, minus the Windows 10 discount :wink:

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even 1 is too much :moneybag:
I never spent more than 400 eur so far
:crazy_face: :rofl:

If my business will go well, in 2022 I’ll likely buy an used PC like this one

Yes, these days, the GPUs are very expensive. Several reasons, crypto mining is one of them.

If my business will go well, in 2022 I’ll likely buy an used PC

I just bought a gamer, not that expensive like the one beginning with “4”, but a big improvement compared to my old one. Don’t need to freeze tracks before mixing :grin: and the vst loading is fast. Spitfire BBC SO is much faster. These days it’s not easy to find a PC with at least 32 GB RAM without waiting for months. In fact, the only available are 8GB, what i have in my old PC, bought in 2011. :joy: So, I consider myself lucky to find i7 with 16GB, soon upgraded to 32GB.